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back street
30 May 2019

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art for arts sake
29 May 2019

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27 May 2019

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family on holiday
26 August 2018

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Dazzle ship
18 February 2018

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29 July 2017

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28 July 2017

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Nikka Whisky
22 January 2017

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ewe looking at me
19 January 2017

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frozen grass
6 February 2015

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14 January 2015

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it's only rock n roll
15 October 2014

Recent Comments

Existence Artistique on Albert Dock
belle lumière

Roland Theys on Albert Dock

Anne on Albert Dock

Magda on Albert Dock
Nice nighttime scenery

Existence Artistique on rabbits

Existence Artistique on Afternoon Jazz

Existence Artistique on Jazz at the Palm House

Dimitrios on Jazz at the Palm House

Existence Artistique on Badhead

Ralf Kesper on Badhead
Wonderful woodcraft!

véronique cherpantier on Chicken wire ghost
oh extra, love it

Ralf Kesper on Chicken wire ghost
Wonderful found. This sculpture looks really interesting and effectful.

Existence Artistique on Positioning
bel arbre

Ralf Kesper on Positioning
Nice effect with this growing tree excatly behind this circus(?) tent.

Existence Artistique on HipHop India

Ralf Kesper on HipHop India
Bolly wood in front of the stage.

Existence Artistique on Sculls for sale
Intéressant choix des couleurs

véronique cherpantier on Sculls for sale
la mort joyeuse nous sourit de toutes ses dents , memento morii :)

Ralf Kesper on Sculls for sale
Nice and typical Mexican.

Existence Artistique on Mirror Balls
bien ces boules

véronique cherpantier on Mirror Balls
jolis reflets dans les boules

Ralf Kesper on Mirror Balls
Nice art installation. A lot of green up side down mini worlds.

Ralf Kesper on Elvis the Spaceman
Funny festival shot.

véronique cherpantier on Elvis the Spaceman
Elvis est tres créatif avec les objets du quotidien :)

Existence Artistique on Elvis the Spaceman

véronique cherpantier on Octopus
mais oui , bien vu ! il flotte dans les courants .. d'air

Existence Artistique on Octopus
un sac en plastique qui ne risque pas de pourrir au sol

Ralf Kesper on Octopus

Anne on Octopus

véronique cherpantier on Jojo Abot
a new Barbarella ;)

Existence Artistique on Jojo Abot

Ralf Kesper on Jojo Abot
Well taken concert shot in this difficult light and movement.

Existence Artistique on WOMAD portrait

Luca Bobbiesi on WOMAD portrait
Very nice work!

véronique cherpantier on WOMAD portrait
joli portrait barbare

Ralf Kesper on WOMAD portrait
Cool and crazy portrait.

Luca Bobbiesi on Only Sausage Roll But I Like It
Fantastic work!

Existence Artistique on Only Sausage Roll But I Like It
Eh oui le sexe est une drogue mais on peut tous s en passer

Ralf Kesper on Only Sausage Roll But I Like It
Sausages first! :))

Existence Artistique on BCUC @ Africa Oye

Libouton Martine on BCUC @ Africa Oye
Très belle photo de scène

Ralf Kesper on BCUC @ Africa Oye
Well made concert shot!

Dutchess on reflective screen
Great effect!!!

Existence Artistique on reflective screen
superbe ce reflet

Ralf Kesper on reflective screen
Interesting and artful looking reflection.

Existence Artistique on In Madrid we won it six times.
bien ce rouge qui force le 6 à se mettre en spectacle

Ralf Kesper on In Madrid we won it six times.
Great traditions! I love your British/English football very much. And old clubs like Liverpool specially much more.

Ralf Kesper on with Big Ears
I am very happy for the reds.

Existence Artistique on with Big Ears
bien ces rouges

Existence Artistique on gekko

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